Golden Visa

Frequently Asked Questions

The Golden Visa is an authorization to live and to work in Spain, granted to non-European citizens and their family members, owners of one or more properties in Spain of more than 500.000 €.

The purchase price of the property or properties must reach a minimum amount of 500.000 €, excluding taxes and without using a mortgage or financing. And any amount above the first 500.000 € can be mortgaged.
Yes, the 500.000 € can be distributed in one or more properties, and any kind of real estate assets qualify (residential, commercial, plots of land, garages, storerooms, …).
Yes, you can buy the property or properties with a Company (or combine properties owned as natural person and with a company), provided that the company is not registered in a country considered as a Tax Heaven and that you have the majority of the shares.
There is no deadline to apply for the Golden Visa, but it can only be obtained with properties bought from the end of 2013 up to this moment.
Yes, you can get the Golden Visa simultaneously for you and your spouse or registered partner, your children under 18, and over 18 if they depend economically on you.
No, you don´t need to live or come to Spain for a minimum period along the year. But as holder of a Spanish residency permit you can travel freely in the Schengen area 90 out of 180 days, without the need of getting a visa.
No, you don´t need to become a tax resident in Spain if you don´t stay more than 183 days per natural year in our country.
Yes, with the Golden Visa you can use the property without restriction and therefore you can lease your property and get high returns of your investment.

It is a fast procedure, and it is granted within 20 working days if it is applied for in Spain, and 10 days if it is applied for at the Spanish Consulate of your country (if your application is not answered in that period, it will be considered as approved).

We recommend to apply for it when you are in Spain, as in this case you will get an authorization to live valid for two years. But you can also apply for the Golden Visa at the Spanish Consulate corresponding to your city of residency, in which case you will get a visa valid for one year.
If you apply for the Golden Visa in Spain, you will get a Residency Card valid for two years. If you apply for it at the Spanish Consulate of your country, you will get a visa that will allow you to live and work in Spain for one year. In both cases, the Golden Visa can be renewed for successive periods of 5 years, provided that the investment is held.

You will have to provide the land registry certificate of the property or properties, showing that you are the owner and the price, and you have to evidence that you have enough economic means to maintain yourself and your family members, as well as a Health Insurance Policy and a Criminal Record Report.

If the property is acquired by a joint marital property, the minimum price is 500.000 € even if it is acquired 50% each. If the property is acquired by a married couple in separation of goods regime, it is necessary that one of them pays at least 500.000 € privately, and the other one will be considered as a family member and can also get the Golden Visa (it is not necessary that both of them pay 500.000 €, provided that one has reached that amount).

It is highly recommendable that you are assisted by a specialized lawyer, to make sure that the application will succeed. Our lawyer can support you throughout the purchase process and obtaining the Golden Visa.

For more information or any additional clarification, our lawyer would be more than happy to clarify any questions. You can get in touch with Natalia Iturbe our in house lawyer.

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Get Your Spanish Golden Visa

Buy a Property with Mobilia and Get Your Spanish Golden Visa.    Get a free consultation with our in-house lawyer here. Non-European citizens owning one or more properties in Spain, acquired after the end of 2013 for a price of 500.000 € or more, can get the Golden Visa and benefit from all the advantages of this residency and working permit, such as:

In Mobilia we look after your needs, and we can help you to find the property of your dreams and fulfilling the Golden Visa requirements. You can get in touch with Natalia Iturbe our in house lawyer.

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